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Modern KUBB is a lawn game that some say date back to the times of the Vikings. It involves knocking over wooden blocks with a thrown wooden baton. It's great fun and provides hours of enjoyment for all.

District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 has purchased a Kubb set which will be given FREE to each of its' 19 local lodges. The executive board members have delivered some of the sets to the local lodges already. They are pretty heavy and, therefore, expensive to ship. If we can't find a member going in your direction, rest assured that we'll bring all the undelivered sets to the next District Convention where we'll put them in your hands.

Practice your Kubb skills! The District is planning a Kubb Tournament for the next convention!

There is a set of rules on the back of the box of the sets we're giving out, but click here for the official Rules.

Here are some other links which may be helpful if you want to learn more about Kubb. 



And here is a video which will teach you how to play Kubb.

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